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What’s happening at Dark Art Gallery you say?

Well we started this site to help an artist friend have a place to show his artwork, because he paints and does not do computer... Not even a little!

And so as time went on, more friends saw his gallery and asked if we would do one for them. And that is how Dark Art Gallery began. Then slowly other artists contacted us about putting up a gallery page for them. At first it did not cost much to do this, about $60 to a web person to post their art, plus management cost of the site. This was not supposed to become a business. Little did we know that the site would become so popular. As it stands now three years later we are getting about 700,000 pageviews a month. So now it seems time to step up and see if we can do it even better.

We have moved to being a 2 level membership site.

First level is free to registered members. This includes access to the Blog and some technical stuff. And the ability to upload 12 images to the free members gallery for comments from the members. With your input we will be adding more benefits all the time.

Second level is for paid members. This includes your own personal art gallery with a unlimited number of images, our art marketing newsletter and fine art reproduction tips, free Dark Art Gallery stickers and posting on the Blog as well as 30% discounts on digital prints of your artwork.. Once again, with your great input we will be adding more benefits as fast we can create them. And very soon a free data base of resource images for our members. These should be ready in a few weeks. With hundreds of images to choose from and the work in preparing them for your use it has taken some time, so hang on they are all most ready.

The site will grow as its members tell us what they want. We hope you enjoy being part of a growing community that shares the same passions as we do.