Introduction to Dark Art Gallery

Dark Art Gallery features artists whose vision looks below the surface of everyday reality. While art has many purposes, we believe that the most important one is to express the artist's personal vision based on his or her view of life. We're interested in art in a variety of styles and media - realistic, surrealistic, fantastical, hand painted, photographic, tattoo art, Gothic art, and computer generated — wherever the artist's vision leads them.

The purpose of this site is to give artists a place to display their artwork and to sell prints of their art. As artists ourselves, we realize how difficult it is to be accepted at galleries and shows, especially if our art does not follow the mainstream and so is less likely to produce high profits for gallery owners. We want to give artists the opportunity to be seen by a wide audience, not limited to those who visit galleries and shows, and give viewers an opportunity to purchase prints on paper and canvas of the artists' works.


In addition to fine art prints, our digital printing studio also produces high quality large format (up to 52” x 100’) computer graphics on bond paper, photo paper, canvas and sticky-back vinyl for commercial signage, trade show displays, backdrops and photo reproduction. Please contact us for further information.

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From QuickSilver Mint you can order Solid Silver and Bronze Medallions- Ancient, Mythical, Animal and Astrological Symbols.

These are the real thing made in the USA. They are not mass produced and you will love the feel of a real medallion in your hand.
Death's Head Medallion

Sample: Death's Head Medallion

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